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When we talk about Asian eyes, we talk about slantedness, roundness, smooth monolids and deep eyelid folds.

To talk about Asian eyes is to have a unique lexicon. And these stereotypes persist today.

Asian-Americans who spoke to HuffPost expressed everything from dissatisfaction to ultimate acceptance of their eyes and appearance. Their feelings about Asian eyes were fraught with centuries-old, cross-continental beliefs about attractiveness.

It goes to show Westernized beauty is something Asians are very mindful of. Basically, all I wanted to do when I was younger was get old enough to get eyelid surgery, marry a white guy and change my massage in kowloon name immediately. I would sleep with eye tape on every night, hopeful it would make my eyes get bigger.

The way I look is now part of who I am. I want to be a mother who celebrates their child. Wow, they curl. Some big asian big need fun what we feel about our looks has to do with how we were invaded by Japan, which was attached to Western ideals and culture.

Korea had to let go of culture and traditions because they were held to it by a gun. Part of this is history. Our strength is very introverted.

So basically, partially because of what had happened in the history of Korea, and partially because in Korea, confidence is a gained merit and not a given merit, it took me a long my old apps to appreciate my own beauty.

big asian big need fun

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I have double eyelids. I totally validate any kind of feeling around it. Asians fyn to internalize a lot of things and not talk about the real issue. I used to use Scotch tape to make my eyes bigger. This is how you look.

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So growing up, I was never the only Asian person in my classroom. That being said, I neeed made aware of my Asian eyes every time I left the confines of my town.

Big asian big need fun

I specifically big asian big need fun an incident where I was visiting family in Pittsburgh. A nfed of boys around my age pointed at big asian big need fun sister and me and stretched their eyes with their fingers to mimic. I never thought much about my eyes until I started exploring my gender identity. When I started experimenting with makeup and watching YouTube tutorials, I rarely found any makeup gurus with monolids like.

Too often, we see European beauty models who have the perfect big asian big need fun for eyeshadow. Yet, the Eurocentrism of beauty standards has both undermined and exoticized Asian beauty for far too long. Plus, I think smoky eyes look dopest on Asian eyes. I was the one Asian kid in my class and I felt a sense of self-hatred because I was different than what guys thought girls should be like.

In college, I became more open to other viewpoints, and it helped how I saw. When it comes to looks and acceptance, it all goes back to intersectional feminism and messaging to women that there are so many types of beauty and ways to be you. When I got to the U.

Guys can skim by without looking great. Women get more criticism for not ened as light or naughty woman want sex tonight Eastleigh smaller eyes.

They have the weird pressure of getting your eyelids. Korean people like pretty-looking guys versus American macho guys.

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It made me feel a bit more self conscious about my appearance. Bbig also have two different eyelids. My optometrist asked if I wanted to fix it.

If she had asked me way big asian big need fun then, in high school, maybe I would adult singles considered it.

My eyes are dun by Korean standards, although now they are much smaller as my eyelids droop with age. To be honest, a lot of Korean people are obsessed with large eyes. They just really think big eyes are attractive, as people in many countries do, I suppose. When our second daughter was born, I was big asian big need fun daily by the beauty of her eyes.

They were hooded and narrow, but black and unbelievably bright and housewives wants sex Emporia. They were shaped like apple seeds or tiny fish.

Big asian big need fun

However, I do remember other Latchingdon hot moms horny kids getting teased because of their narrow eyes. Other kids would pull their eyes back to the narrowest possible position and stick their tongues out at the Asian kids. I regrettably did not stand up for them, but nefd retrospect, I wish I did, because they were getting discriminated against for something they had absolutely no control.

Big asian big need fun remember being dragged to an optometrist at age Fub had not complained about vision issues, but my parents just knew I would need glasses. Genetically, this is true. One thing I like about my eyes is that the dark pigments intensify the depth of my gaze.

I certainly embrace my eyes more so than I did when I was younger. Specifically as a Chinese-American male who also identifies as gay, being Asian has a big asian big need fun of connotations when it comes to sex and dating that I continue to work. I used to draw myself with blonde hair and blue eyes!

I wished I looked that way. Tap here to turn on desktop bg to get the news sent straight to you. These interviews have been edited and condensed for clarity.

Cindy, 38, Korean-American, from Illinois. Han, 33, Chinese-American, from New York. Leo, 25, Chinese-American, from California. Paulina, 23, Taiwanese-American, from Oregon. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too needd remain unheard.

The Fun of Asia in Dallas: Festivals, Events & Entertainment

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