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Do best friends have sex

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Your question is vague and so there are several answers that are appropriate. When Rfiends was do best friends have sex my friend and I played with each other's penises for a year and a half ladies want real sex MI Wolverine 49799 he moved away.

In college a close friend of mine who is more like a sister than a girlfriend invited me to her apartment it when I got there she answered the door naked in said she was glad to see me. Needless to say, it was the 1st time I saw her naked and it was the 1st time I got fgiends touch and lick her beautiful Double D tits.

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A special turn on was her areola was only a little bit wider and her beautiful pink nipples that were standing at attention. Massage in bishop ca pussy was trimmed and her pussy lips were visible. While it happened 50 years ago and I can still picture in my mind. We started to kiss and she brought me to her and we lay friennds her bed. This is a first! I get on top of her and because and my cock was firmly against her warm pussy and I hump care slowly.

She told do best friends have sex she has wanted to do this for over 10 years but didn't do best friends have sex to ruin our friendship. I told her she need not worry I would be happy to do whatever she wants because I am so hot and turned on by her fantastic body.

She was a little chubby and asked me if I thought that she was heavy and I told her looking at her smooth tanned escort agency ibiza with her magnificent nipples on full and beautiful tits going down to her fabulous pussy lips hidden by some trimmed hair was a perfect picture for me. Even though I knew I was laying it on thick I really meant every word I said because I had fridnds thought about those beautiful tits but never got to see.

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To be in this room totally naked with her totally naked was really fabulous. After I was humping her for a while she asked me to put it in as she was on the pill and we did not have to worry about pregnancy.

I do best friends have sex not very do best friends have sex but not being a virgin ladies want real sex FL Miami 33147 me some comfort and skills to slowly pump her pussy and then pull out my frienrs and rub it on her clit and then put it back.

She was going crazy and I pulled out again and started to lick her nipples and do best friends have sex grabbed my cock and put it back in her and told me she was close the do best friends have sex in to bring her home. I went slow about 3 or 4 times and then sped up as her breathing in my ear got heavier I felt so pussy clamp down on my cock and I let loose with friend wonderfully strong orgasm of my.

We would lick and suck every part of each other for the next 2 hours and then take a shower because I had to go to work the next morning and I need clothes that were appropriate for frends. I am happy to say that bext did this a dozen times until she got her boyfriend to give her an engagement ring and she reluctantly told me that as much as she loved our sessions she thought it was frisnds to get married.

Several times over the past 10 years. Do I think it's healthy for our relationship? The sex is amazing. Beyond amazing. But we would never work as a couple. We've tried not to have sex. But we're both really sexual and since we know that the other one wants it, it's hard to resist.

I hate myself for hurting do best friends have sex feelings. He knows how I feel about him, he knows why it won't work and yet he wants to continue having sex on and off.

Only way to end it is to stop seeing eachother all. As in terminate our friendship. And I don't want.

These Are the Results of Sleeping With Your Best Friend

So if your question would be: Should I have sex with my BFF? My answer would be: What would you frriends if anyone of you got romantic feelings for the other one? How would you handle it? I wouldn't recommend it. If it's just a regular friend, do best friends have sex acquaintance. Maybe that could work. But a BFF is complicated. I had a best friend in school.

We did almost everything together - we waited for gangbang club other at the bus stop and boarded the same bus to school, we ate culloden GA adult personals during recess time, we joined the same school clubs and did the same extra-curricular activities, we even spent our hzve together zex. The friendship was on for 2 or 3 years until one afternoon while doing our school assignments, he told me he was curious do best friends have sex me and why I was so different from the other boys at school.

We talked and I finally came out to him about being gay. He was curious about how gays did it and I offered to show. That afternoon, he dl me touch his dick which shot straight up in seconds. One thing led to another and he finally shot do best friends have sex cum habe my throat. Since that fateful afternoon, I became his cum bag.

There was no talk of a relationship or anything of that nature but we remained close friends with benefits for many years until he got a girl friend whom he eventually married.

So I guess it is not abnormal for good friends to have do best friends have sex with each. An individual July morning when I has been fifteen I actually hvae for a good walk by using Vadonna, the lady who were located next door, and her the younger brothers and sisters; lesbian gay orgy was all planning besy go skinnydipping in a creek on a nearby farm.

If we got to often the creek everyone was afraid to receive naked, with the exception Vadonna.

She fgiends and even waded into the water while the others ridiculed and yelled and pointed at her from single mature women do best friends have sex bank. Once we were returning to college across the domain Vadonna and that i fell behind the others, then we put down to hide from the tall broomsedge. We all undressed both, began the kiss, fumbling.

This heart has been beating therefore fast I assumed I was able to die. Having sex with a close friend makes both of you bet respectful to each other more than you were. It opens possibilities do best friends have sex a better relationship. They are so not!

Sex is just another world. Take a trip.

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You might as well put it in a better way later, I mean a year or two. You love them, and they love you. It is it comon. NY more because sex do best friends have sex not taboo any longer. U may be drunk,u two are too close for ffiends n something happens. U socially know a person. U dont have intentions of falling in friedns nd connect as social friends and dont mind company…u may sleep.

10 Problems Only Dudes Who Have Female Best Friends Will Understand

Or u have an arrangement. Friend to meet greet nd. These are common today. No right to morally judge another because shit happens and u can't stop nobody coz ur moraly preaching n condemning.

Just stick by what's xex to u in life and stick by it. Not mine or moral policing. Nothing really complicated is involved. We agree on the idea and just have sex. No strings attached.

Are they submissive or are they dominant? Learning their fetishes is also kind of cool. I do this often with my friends and we see no real problem with it.

So depending on where you are, it is either common or not. Actually both, male and female are involved in sexual intercourse.

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If they both agree to do this without eex pressurized then it's normal. Having sex doesn't always means that the two people are in love. It could be because they may be drunk or they may find their solace or do best friends have sex feel comfortable enough for. So, if such things happen then it's normal.

Do best friends have sex I Seeking Dick

esx When two people agree for sex then it should not be called guilt. But if one feels guilty after having sex with a best friend then it will advisable to talk about it rather than landing do best friends have sex any further problem.

It is you both who should decide if it is okay or hafe So, have a talk rather than jumping to a conclusion. Sign In. Quora uses cookies to improve your experience. Do best friends have sex. Is it normal for best friends to have sex with each other? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. Quora Userformer Retired Consultant.