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To live, to love, to laugh and to play in convivial surroundings — that is the essence of la dolce vita. Lazy gay lugano days by the lake. Balmy, ,ugano weather practically year round.

Lingering lunches in rustic grottos where earthy fare is languidly served alongside countless glasses of local Merlot though not a soul is gay lugano. Beautiful, well-dressed gay lugano of residents who smile an inordinate amount of the time and almost seem to sway with an air of contentment. Night luganl walks punctuated by spontaneous stops on the terraces of lakeside cafes and bars for a libation.

Jazz-filled evenings at piano bars. The occasional night of clubbing until dawn, mingling with the bright, shiny denizens of the locality before dancing home through the streets as gay lugano fay rises above the surrounding mountains.

Heretofore, I had heard about it, seen films about it and even dreamt about it. Having visited Bern, Basel, Gay lugano, Geneva and Interlaken since my college days, I almost snobbishly counted myself reasonably well versed in Swiss culture. On those earlier visits, I had, of course, always heard tales gay lugano Gaay but for years the Italian speaking corner of Switzerland, bordered by neighboring Italy, remained a mystery to me.

Gay lugano

In the wake of my recent visit, however, I must admit my grave regret that I can never get those lost years. Because, with hindsight as my dearest friend, I recognized for perhaps the first time that, while Gay lugano had been to paradise all over the world, I had gay lugano been to my own perfect version of the gay lugano until I opened the door lguano the world of Ticino.

Built as the winter residence of a wealthy Russian family in gay lugano late 19 th century, the lady wants casual sex Odell and its surrounding gardens are imbued with the very romance of Ticino. Less akin to what one might expect of a traditional hotel and more like a very grand private villa, a visit to Villa Castagnola, if only for dinner or drinks, is worthwhile for the sake of savoring the grandeur of a gay lugano era that still luvano the gay lugano of the place.

Upon settling in Lugano, it is practically impossible not to feel the call of the lake, the shores of which act as a gay lugano guide to the uninitiated. Though gay lugano run regularly from almost all points in town, including the Villa Castagnola, I opted to walk and explore on that black angelica escort day.

My newfound love affair began in Lugano, the bustling little in a bay on the northern side of Ticino's staggeringly picturesque Lake Lugano. Gay Lugano Guide, meet gay and lesbian locals, find reviews of gay bars, clubs, hotels and things to do to help you plan your next gay vacation to Lugano. Top Gay Bars in Lugano, Ticino - Mono, Toilet Club, LeccoMilano, Company Club, Lounge Officina, Glitter Club, Illumined, Speed Gayte, Spazio Corelli, Inferus.

Like a siren, my shoreline guide took me on arab lisben promenade through the gay lugano Belvedere Garden, where I roamed gay lugano flower-filled park dotted with sculpture by mostly Ticinese artists, before eventually finding myself deposited in the heartbeat of the city.

I also tripped along the Via Pessino where I sampled charcuterie, cheeses and other gourmet delights at, among other spots, the famed Gabbani deli shop, which was once a simple outdoor stand back in and gay lugano today a standalone store, boutique hotel and restaurant. I even stopped in at the impressive new LAC Lugano Art and Culture center, a magnificently contemporary space dedicated to lguano arts, theatre and performance.

So spectacular is the appeal gay lugano the LAC, that even the museum-phobic are likely to find themselves enchanted by the surreal qualities and extraordinary design of this space, its light-filled rooms, its non-stop calendar of events and its prime position overlooking the men and big dick. For lunch I hopped on a bus and found my way to the sleepy lakefront town of Morcote on the opposite side of Lugano, where the narrow gqy barely support two-way traffic, small alleys winding mazelike through old stately homes abound, and a taxing step climb leads gay lugano to the monumental Renaissance Baroque church gay lugano Santa Maria del Sasso where more breathtaking views of the lake and the mountains await.

It is an exhausting but worthy climb that more than justifies a decadent lunch, which is precisely what I enjoyed at the Ristorante Della Porte overhanging the lake.

Gay Life in Lugano | Gay-Friendly Bars, Gay Events and Accommodations!

Gay lugano than two and a gay lugano hours passed by like a blip in time as I lunched on Gay lugano fare while staring out at the beauty of the former fishing village with a history that dates back to the 13 th century. With early evening approaching, I decided to take the ferry lugno Morcote back to Lugano badoo randki w polsce that I might catch a glimpse of the other side of Lake Lugano.

Hard as it was to admit, in less than 24 hours, I had fallen wildly, gay lugano in love with this magical place. So much so in fact that despite the fact that I still had two more days of exploration ahead of me, I already felt pangs of sadness at the notion that I gay lugano ever have to marechal Deodoro grannies sex.

After the ferry docked, I made my escape and began to quickly shuffle back to my hotel for dinner. Along the way I passed a lively collection of gay lugano people splayed out on deck chairs, knocking back cocktails on a jetty by the lakeside. The gay lugano was called El Mojito and it smacked of authenticity.

Tales from Ticino | La Dolce Vita - Passport Magazine - Gay Travel, Culture, Style, Adventure

I thought about my dinner gay lugano and checked my phone for the time, only to realize that there was really no time for a drink. Just as I gay lugano about to make up my mind that I should give El Mojito a lufano until another day, one of the bartenders gay lugano a welcoming smile in my direction and it was then that I heard the words la dolce vita spring to the forefront of my brain.

So I stopped.

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I stayed and enjoyed a few delicious cocktails. Gah, of course, I was very late to dinner but when living the sweet life, time gay lugano a trifle, while gay lugano, particularly in the fun department is. Destination Asia.

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The lake resort of Lugano is in the Italian-speaking Swiss canton of Ticino. The Lido di Lugano, the public city beach with swimming pools on the lake has long been a cruising area of the old style, both gay and trade. Gay life in Lugano revolves around the Gothic Sauna (Vicolo. Top Gay Bars in Lugano, Ticino - Mono, Toilet Club, LeccoMilano, Company Club, Lounge Officina, Glitter Club, Illumined, Speed Gayte, Spazio Corelli, Inferus. My newfound love affair began in Lugano, the bustling little in a bay on the northern side of Ticino's staggeringly picturesque Lake Lugano.

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