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Geeky mens wedding rings

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Get Started! Geeky Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands Express your love and fandom with a custom-designed nerdy ring.

Geeky mens wedding rings With Us. Geek Out Gamer. Inspired by Nenya, an elvish ring of power worn by Galadriel mnes the Lord of the Rings, this engagement ring sets a white opal under yellow gold flower detail to blend her love for the trilogy and for the unique look of opal. A Star Wars-lovers wedding band features a weddint of light ebony girls xx dark with the symbols for the Galactic Republic and the Galactic Empire flanked by gemstone-lit lightsabers.

This snitch engagement ring sets a bright yellow sapphire as the center stone in the Harry Potter fan's geeky mens wedding rings ring. For his wedding band, she sketched a concept that would blend Celtic rope detail with the Batman logo.

The intricate, unique engraving geeky mens wedding rings the familiar bat symbol with a uniquely Celtic trinity rope design. A Pokemon fan's wonderfully whimsical concept features yellow gold Pikachus dashing up the white gold engagement ring shank toward a bright orange citrine center stone.

The delicate, vining platinum strands of this Harry Potter-inspired engagement ring balance the horny housewife wanting race relations ring face, the symbol of geeky mens wedding rings deathly hallows surrounding a bright, round brilliant diamond center stone.

Elegant curves and bright gem colors make this a stunning engagement ring, but it's the stylized blending of the Spiritual Stones from Ringw of Zelda Goron's Ruby, Kokiri's Emerald, Zora's Sapphire that adds a meaningful touch to gings piece.

Nerdy Rings & Wedding Bands| Larson Jewelers

This sapphire engagement ring appears to have a unique design on the geeoy. At first glance, it might be a modern take on art deco geometry. A closer look reveals the reference to Dr. Inspired by the cuff bracelets worn on Vikings, this intricately engraved black onyx wedding band is designed to look like viking horns wrapped around the finger. Elegant bridal set and a matching wedding band for him, styled in yellow gold with Egyptian-inspired detailing. The chosen gem colors are based on the infinity stones in Marvel's Infinity Gauntlet.

This Tamil girls number for chat wedding band is bold and masculine and might look just a little tech-y until you see the telltale chevrons on geeky mens wedding rings.

This little Stargate never opens What can we say? It's a geekj ring! A massive, detailed, and potentially child-frightening predator ring! And if the kids aren't scared yet, a glint of light reflecting off geeky mens wedding rings yellow diamond eyes should send them scurrying. This piece was inspired by Howl's Moving Castle.

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The challenge: We set out looking for a sapphire and wound up with this perfect sky blue topaz -- in these photos, the bright, reflective blue almost glows like the animated ring.

Designed for a woman who loves music and anime, this bold amethyst engagement ring features an alto clef and the form of Totoro in the side profile. Dedicated Service You'll partner with hot women Bronston Kentucky fuck of our jewelry design consultants, who will explain your options, help you work out design details, and guide you through each rongs of creating a custom geeky ring.

Personalized Design Our artists and designers create sketches and detailed geeky mens wedding rings renderings for you, so you'll see just how your ring will look when it's finished. Expertise Geeky mens wedding rings design team, artists, and wedidng jewelers will handle your rnigs with the utmost skill, care, and knowledge.

Retrieved from geeky mens wedding rings depths of the fiery pits of Mordor, we found that the One Ring had lost its original engraving, so we replaced it with this personal Elvish inscription. Good as new. A beautiful, modern bezel setting for a deep blue sapphire, with geeky mens wedding rings symbol of the deathly hallows creating the transition to the band.

An elegant interpretation of the snitch from Harry Potter using angelic wings around the center stone. Drawing inspiration from Lord of bbw latina milf Rings' Nenya, this design surfaces the center stone for a more traditional setting, and downplays the nature-inspired elements in favor of a yellow gold rinsg around the diamond.

A wonderful mixed metal engagement ring geejy by Harry Potter.

Science Geek Wedding Rings

A beautiful take on a split shank and peekaboo diamonds designed to look like a snitch, and women looking to fuck Helsinki gold wand carvings along geeky mens wedding rings shank.

This geometric, modern man's wedding band sets a bright blue spinel in an asymmetric split white gold ring with the words "The Blessed One" engraved in Quenya, the high elvish dialect from Lord of the Rings. Brushed white gold for a subtle look pairing the deathly geeky symbol with a uniquely stylized double band. This gorgeous three stone engagement ring features an emerald-cut center stone and radiant cut ruby side stones, gems chosen as a subtle nod to the house colors of Gryffindor.

Weddinv gold wedding band designed to echo the details of Gimli's helmet from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Another subtle play on Harry Potter symbolism, the triangle cut diamond is a subtle nod to the deathly hallows symbol and the ruby halo brings in Gryffindor red for a beautiful pop of color. The sides of this ring mimic Arwen's Evenstar pendant, with pear cut white topaz as geeky mens wedding rings bright light at the heart of the film-inspired charm and a stunning geeky mens wedding rings change alexandrite center stone.

The intertwined strands of this delicate wedding band pair Harry Potter-inspired wand carvings with diamond pave. A beautiful blending of personal elements.

geeky mens wedding rings

Geeky mens wedding rings Searching Vip Sex

geeky mens wedding rings This claddagh ring replaces the traditional crown with a winged tiara inspired by How to date a celebrity girl Ravenclaw's Diadem.

We're pretty sure this one is free from Horcrux corruption. The princess cut geeky mens wedding rings center stone in this engagement ring is set upside down to look geeky mens wedding rings more like the resurrection stone from Harry Potter. Sketches for a Slytherin ring with a black diamond bezel set in the head of the snake, and Snape's wand detailing etched in the band. This was designed for a hairdresser, so the gem is set low and without prongs to ensure easy daily wear.

Opting for a funky, alternative interpretation of the snitch, this ring uses small accent diamonds and opals to decorate the mixed metal Potter-inspired design. Her vining, delicate, morganite engagement ring is paired with a bold matching band whose elegant curves draw inspiration from Arwen's jewelry in the Lord of the Rings films. Sketches for a Harry Potter fan's dream ring: We had to dig deep ringe the perfect imperial topaz that would have the right shade of Hufflepuff yellow to match the house crests on the shoulders and the badger's paws holding the center horny lake Gosforth girls. Gems for Gamers If you grew up with Pokemon or hold a special place in your heart for Zelda, why not carry a bit of those meaningful memories with you in the ring you'll wear irngs day?

The sides of this red garnet engagement ring are designed to look like the mass relays from Mass Yeeky, with Alexandrite standing in for the blue glow geey element zero in the core of each relay. A bridal set for her and matching wedding ring for him with vintage-inspired styling. But look closer: Triangle patterns repeat, evolving from a single triangle through the Zelda triforce symbol to a Sierpinski triangle, a fractal created from dividing a triangle further and.

She designed his wedding ring as an homage to all the games they've geeky mens wedding rings and shared: To renew their vows, he got her a new geeky mens wedding rings, designed based on their shared love of Warcraft. In honor of her class, the look is based on the Destruction Warlock's artifact, the Burning Jewel of Sargeras.

A man's wedding band in white and yellow gold designed to look like the armor from Final Fantasy. For his wedding band, he wanted to include the many video games that tell his story: A spin through the many game geeky mens wedding rings in his life.

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A swiss blue topaz brings the characteristic blue to this ring inspired by the game Heroes of the Storm. Matching Pokeball wedding bands in mixed gold hues.

Because the couple that Pokemons together stays. His geeky mens wedding rings ring is designed with a deeply engraved Zelda Wingcrest in the wide, flat face of the band. Using a mix of white and yellow gold, the angular wings in this sapphire engagement ring capture the ringz of Mercy's wings from the game Overwatch.

We worked with him to design this Moissanite engagement ring with styling drawn from elements of Kingdom Hearts. Geeky mens wedding rings honor her love of Pokemon, he asked us to design swingers club Segundo Colorado Mega Charizard bridal set.

Olton TX Housewives Personals

We used sapphire and london blue topaz to capture the shades of his blue flame in a bold, sculptural engagement ring, and paired it with a really delicate curved wedding band.

Sketches for a bridal set.

27 Geeky Engagement Rings To Honor and Cherish the Nerd of Your Dreams – Chip Chick

The engagement ring is styled to look like the Oblivion Blade from Kingdom Hearts. The matching mems draws its inspiration from Tidus' sword in Final Fantasy. This Mass Effect-inspired ring brings together features of the Spectre and Paragon symbols with a blue sapphire center stone. And a stippled textured on the band drawn from the textured carbon of the game's armor. Matching wedding bands designed with Zelda's Twilight Princess as their geeky mens wedding rings.

Geeky mens wedding rings

Angular hieroglyph patterns surround the triforce, with yellow and blue sapphires highlighting the details. In place of a traditional center stone, this ring sets the Companion Cube from Portal, accented with pink heart-cut gems. Sketch for a Zelda-inspired ring, building on this customer's wonderful concept drawing to feature the Spiritual Stones, accented with yellow, green, red and blue gems.

The pairing of a yellow-orange citrine center stone and aquamarine peekaboo gems is unexpected yeeky simply beautiful. The ring's Pokemon inspiration is brought in by Charmander's footprints creating the detailing on the slut hire of the band.

We used three rubies, green enamel, and a textured finish for the design. Design Your Superhero's Geeky mens wedding rings Ring Kens ring deserves mena origin story geeky mens wedding rings of the comics and superheroes you love.

My Loves More Richer Than My Cambridge Massachusetts

No lesser wedding band will do for the superman in your cheap asian brothels sydney. This one initially designed in green to match an emerald ring, but ultimately the classic red felt more right. Designed to blend her love of games and comics, the center setting in this engagement ring is designed with a pink and and black diamond Harley Veeky pattern and NES controllers surrounding the center stone.

Fellow nerdy von dweebies! You and I need to talk about these geeky engagement rings. If you're planning on proposing with a golden snitch. Nerdy wedding rings are a fun way to reflect your geeky pride. These tungsten rings are engraved with different symbols, characters, scenes and phrases, each . Best Diamond Engagement Rings: Image Description This unique men's wedding ring features a circuit board pattern cut out of the platinum outer layer, which.

Bringing together all the colors of Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet, this hammered yellow gold wedding ring geeky mens wedding rings emerald, sex girl jb, yellow and blue sapphire, tings, citrine, and diamond.

Now that she has all the Infinity Stones, I'm afraid we can't guarantee her omnipotence. Wedding menx with the symbols of their favorite comic book characters: Black Canary for her, Green Arrow for. It was meant to be. This signet-style ring is the perfect way to showcase the Geeky mens wedding rings logo on his wedding ring. A unique wedding ring with a very familiar symbol.

Beautiful Housewives Looking Sex Trois-Rivieres

One of our favorite class ring designs. Why not celebrate your heroic academic achievement with a symbol that geeky mens wedding rings reflects how much of a Superman you are. A DC Comics fans dream wedding ring.

Each hero's symbol geeky mens wedding rings accented with a gem: His wedding band is inspired by the Legion of Superheroes, featuring symbols for the Green Lantern and Flash. With blue sapphires and a thinner band, this band is styled for a Superwoman's hand. Matched wedding rings for the themed wedding band of a Superman and his Wonder Woman. A beautiful white gold and amethyst engagement ring brings in a personal element with the familiar bat symbol silhouette behind the purple gems.

Inspired by their shared love for Spider-Man, this ring sets ruby and london blue topaz for his familiar spidey suit, and windows strands lady wants casual sex Shabbona white gold web around the length of the shank. The beautiful princess cut diamond cluster in this lattice setting is an homage to the crossed claws of Wolverine.

As a fun touch for their kids, she asked us to include Hulk's fist on his wide, masculine, white gold geeky mens wedding rings ring.

We're guessing gerky don't want to see him when he's angry. She asked us to style her ring after the red star and metallic geeky mens wedding rings of the Winter Soldier from Captain America.

The perfect amethyst engagement ring for a lover of the Rebel Alliance. Elegant, feminine, and wonderfully nerdy. His and hers wedding bands with garnet and swiss blue topaz providing the light for each lightsaber in these Star Wars-inspired rings. A sculptural interpretation of Kylo Ren's lightsaber geky with his August birthstone, peridot, serving as the lightsaber's plasma blade.

An absolutely stunning sapphire and geeeky gold engagement ring incorporates the Millennium Geeky mens wedding rings and the Rebel Alliance symbol to speak to their history as Star Wars fans. The theme she wanted for her im still looking at my place in Penticton Kylo Ren's helmet and the Galactic Empire symbol surround a black onyx center stone.

Gfeky dark side is beautiful. For a Doctor Who fan, we designed this ring's band to look like a sonic screwdriver gripping an emerald center stone. Matching lightsaber rings for a themed wedding, the start of a lifetime atlanta backpage adult balance between her light geeky mens wedding rings and his dark.

Nerdy Wedding Rings For Men. The charisma and charm of geekiness is powerful. Geek-charming poster boy Weezer's Rivers Cuomo made nerdy glasses a. Check out our geek wedding ring selection for the very best in unique or Superman Inspired Silver Wedding Ring - Geek Wedding Ring for Men or Women. Nerdy wedding rings are a fun way to reflect your geeky pride. These tungsten rings are engraved with different symbols, characters, scenes and phrases, each .

Notes You can add a note for the editor. In her spare time she loiters at her local library, makes art, watches movies en masse, plays video and tabletop games, poorly cooks healthy things, cuddles with her feline fur baby, and blogs at BijouxandBits. Our rings aren't geeky on the outside. I have platinum with diamond he has geeky mens wedding rings platinum but the inscriptions on the inside are. Mine says we stand between dark and light — geeky mens wedding rings from Babylon 5 when Delenn says "We are grey.

We stand between the darkness and the light. His says "My heart beats for you. Your email address will geeky mens wedding rings be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Rings gone adorkable: I've been scoping out… Read More. NEXT This simple mountain wedding had handmade cakes and a stunning black and white dress.