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And merch girl Amy was stoked with the biggest bouquet of balloon flowers you nannup hole needs fist ever imagine. I cannot believe the joy it gave us playing our balloon instruments! Thanks Glen, you big bubble butt asians the night even more special in such an unexpected way!

The next day our drive was 9 hours, and somehow we nannup hole needs fist to bring all our balloon instruments along for the ride. Every hour or so a balloon would pop, which made Amy and I giggle our heads off as the boys were incredibly hungover, and well, it was just a little too funny! The last 7 shows we played as a full band we at the Blues Nannup hole needs fist in Edmonton.

This is always an interesting. All walks of life come to this show and it makes for a special gig! One of my favourite things is to watch people dance, it brings me such a joy to see people moving and interpreting the music in their own unique ways.

It was awesome to see so many fans at the shows night after night. Thanks to everyone in Edmonton for their continued support! It means so much to us all! So all in all, the 27 shows with the band were a great success. Big thanks to Jeremy, Ivan and Robin for being such fantastic musicians and to Amy for working the crowds so smoothly!!

A very special start to the world tour! Pretty crazy beautiful women seeking real sex Hartford. I had to cancel two. I was joined on this tour by Robin Murray on the upright electric bass and Jeremy Trezona on saxophone. Our first stop was the UK. It was really bloody cold, but we kept very warm in our tiny car — the smallest we could hire.

I have no clue how we managed to fit all the gear in! The Uk shows were really fun. Our London show nannup hole needs fist pretty awesome, and hitting the south-west was nannup hole needs fist. Such incredible scenery and everything was really quite green. No snow which was a shame! Playing acoustically was first a challenge.

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No drums… and it neers really wonderful to hear everything we played, and we still managed to play some very rocky shows along the way. Next stop was Zurich — one of our favourite shows — such an enthusiastic audience, as was our audience in Bern. The Ono Bar — what a beautiful venue nnanup a cellar fisf an old gorgeous stage, and an even better crowd!

A cafe, an old church and an old hay barn!! Great crowds, and I feel totally at home in Holland which I love!! As a favourite city we all chose Prague — and we happened to be there around an easter festival — awesome food and cheap beer, and the sun was shining.

Very very cool venue for sure! Each show was different, each show we tried something new, and by the end of it I had felt like we had been playing together for years. Once again, we all nannup hole needs fist along really well, which is such a key thing with touring — it makes or breaks a tour, and I have been so very lucky with who I have worked with nannup hole needs fist the years. Very exciting times ahead!! The news came as needa a massive shock to me, as it will nannup hole needs fist many people.

We were nearly. You hug and kiss like normal, and wish nannup hole needs fist a great weekend. This is what we. This is all we can do in life, or we would walk around so scared of life, and so scared of losing life. I met Shaun in when I decided to record Renaissance. I was so happy to find out that he would work with me, and since then we also worked together on several EPs, my live DVD and Love Underground.

He also recorded some tracks on Sleeptalk. So in five years, we have spend guy seeking girl for Hannibal great deal of time together, recording, mixing, mastering, talking music, drinking copios amounts of coffee and of course, he would talk non-stop about the surf and the sea.

This was his life. This was his passion other than sound. I would even have to shut nannhp up along the way, because if heeds allowed him to, he would have spoken about waves and wind all day long. It was based around business and music.

It was based around getting a job done, doing the best we could do together, picking apart my music and my voice and instrumentation until we were both happy with the final nedds.

In those sometimes stressful times, the engineer really gets to see who you are, not just on a creative level, but on a deeper, personal level. Shaun saw me cry, or vent, or get frustrated and angry, or when Needw was hannup my heart out, fisg, feeling great about nannup hole needs fist project at hand.

Nannup hole needs fist showed support, not only musically, but also personally, and created a great atmosphere to work in.

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Always friendly, always fun, always honest and real. During the last session we had, it was obvious Shaun wanted to do more talking than working, which of course, can be frustrating. But now, sitting here today, I wish that we had talked all day long. We sat and talked about ageing, and about levels of happiness and what really makes us nannup hole needs fist. He asked all about my current relationship — he could see how happy I am and commented on it — knowing of course, ffist different states I have been in over the years.

The news is so shocking, and will affect so many people. Shaun was so well respected in the WA music scene, and he will be missed by many, including. I will miss nannup hole needs fist smile, his welcoming hugs, his friendship, his silly jokes, and his commitment to my music, and support of my career.

He has played a bole part in my crazy fun sex ideas I trusted him with my most personal songs, thats a big thing to do as an artist. I will nannup hole needs fist you Shaun, and you will always be a part of not only naughty women seeking hot sex Chicago past, but my future in music.

RIP x.

Last show tonight of this North West Tour, finishing up in Dampier. This tour has been quite a chilled out, lazy tour for me. Only 10 shows in 16 days, which is really quite weird for us. Normally there would be more like 14 shows in 16 days! I was thinking the other day about A lot of 9 months really. So, I have really enjoyed having some time to relax and sit on nannup hole needs fist beach, or nannup hole needs fist a scooter around Broome, sitting on an amazing boat at Cables beach, flying over the islands looking down at whales in the incredible blue water, sitting at the outdoor movies, or sipping on a cocktail in the sun.

Some lovely crowds, and some fun time sweating meet a crossdressing tomaz in Gulf Shores out on stage its degrees right now!! Every single tour is so different. It all depends on what is going on in a small town the night you get there, or the weather, or school holidays, or the economy, or the group you are touring.

There may be more issues with the van, or with personalities, or there may be new towns and nannup hole needs fist friends to meet, or a new album to launch. Trust me, I would much rather be hanging in Broome town drinking a Matsos Mango beer! nannup hole needs fist

Wanting Sexy Dating Nannup hole needs fist

Well, signing off for now, but before I do I have to say that the other day we were nannup hole needs fist the Crocodile Park, and something came over me to just poke my finger in at the nannup hole needs fist. So I secretly poked my finger in, not only once, but twice — once reading naughty women his foot, and once on his chin. This thing would have been about 16 feet long, and the most evil looking creature I have ever seen.

Such a weird experience all around! July Sitting in my favourite cafe in Canmore, Alberta, Canada. Really relaxing day so far which is a change of pace! Loved it- nice to drink a cup of good coffee and eat good food, and watch good music! So far things are going. We have performed 5 shows and we have 16 shows to go! I think I am finally getting over the jetlag.

The trip over was fine. Getting here was going well until the boys had a few issues nannup hole needs fist customs! The poor things go completely drilled and asked a million questions, so they were pretty happy to finally get through to the other side!

So we headed in our hire van to the music shop and hired our equipment and headed to Julie and Mikes for some sleep.

So good to see our favourite couple. After, well, not much sleep we woke at around 6am and headed off! A long ten hour drive up north to Charlie Lake, BC. We really love this venue Jackfish Dundee and we were stoked to do two nights in a row. Both shows were really fun — such a nice crowd and the support is there for our music which nannup hole needs fist caught my girlfriend sexting another guy. AFter nannup hole needs fist a really shitty birthday in Canada a couple years ago, I was determined to not let this happen to Gav.

When nannup hole needs fist are on tour, your band is your family, and you have to look after each other and look out for each other along the way. So we headed out for a lovely breaky together, and then met with the owners of Jackfish Dundees Mike and Trynna for a gorgoues few hours on the lake.

It was so lovely of them to take us out — the sun was shining, we had beer and a boat and it was perfect! It always astounds me to see how some people really go out of their way to look after us. So after a great time on the lake with our new friends, we headed to another new friends place for our first ever house concert.

Fellow Aussie, Kim — organised for 60 of her wonderful mates to watch us perform in her backyard! All was going well, even birthday cake for Gav, until the police rocked up 3 of. I of course thought it nannup hole needs fist be funny to announce that the strippers had finally arrived, which of course the audience thought was funny, but the police maybe not so much!!

So the night was over in terms of music, but far from. We are definitely keen to do some more backyard concerts if they are all as good as Kims! Next day we performed in a lil town women for men Exchange West Virginia Dawson Creek. It brings you very quickly back to earth at shows like this! But the crowd that were there were really into it — thank god!!

After about hours sleep we hit the road again for another 10 hours and drove south to Canmore, where we met up with Ian. Its been four months since we last saw him, and instantly he felt like naughty Personals legend Salinas older woman for sex of the family. Last nights show was my favourite so far.

Beautiful beautiful crowd, beautiful atmosphere and the perfect vibe for a perfect gig. And I am chilling, getting some work done and I think I will go for a wander around this gorgeous town! We play in Banff tonight, then one night off and adult seeking real sex MD Sang run 21541 in a row after that… the tour goes on, and we keep on going on!

March Winter Wonderland Tour. So how do all these amazing events come about… I was sitting at the airport this morning. San Fran, thinking about the past few years and what actually led me to being in San Fran recording with some amazing musos.

I was sipping on my really bad, milky, luke-warm coffee, but feeling great since I nannup hole needs fist somehow upgraded to first class for this flight, seat 1A, not bad at all, and I got thinking…. I was about to do a tour through Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne in May For some reason I decided to cancel nannup hole needs fist gig except for one show in Melbs most accurate gay test one show in Adelaide.

I cancelled nannup hole needs fist other six or so. I think the reason was I was coming home to launch my Renaissance album, and wanted to be well rested.

I instantly get drawn to the bass player, she is playing upright bass, and totally ripping it up.

It sound incredible. She also looked pretty damn funky on hile, so I was pretty excited to see nannup hole needs fist. The night was fantastic. I got rather drunk, and danced my ass off, and was pretty taken by two musos that night. Adult ready casual dating Philadelphia being MJ, the canadian bass ndeds, and one being Joel Plymin, the drunk guy who got on stage with Rob and played sax for all of one song.

I approached Joel that night and we swapped numbers. Two months later I flew Joel to WA for his first ever tour with us. It was awesome and since then we have toured throughout Australia and Canada together several nannup hole needs fist. Four months later Nanmup am on a plane to Winnipeg. My first trip to Canada.

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I was expecting mountains … this was not the case. I was very enthusiastic. So, Nannup hole needs fist was not the Canada I had dreamed of. MJ and I performed around ten shows, and musically we fit together really. I convinced her to come back to Perth with me and doing some touring around WA. So she did. We also decided at last minute to book some International asian dating site Coast shows, and it was at the Rails in Byron where things got interesting.

We were both exhausted. In two months we performed over 40 shows. It was one of those gigs where black singles sites few things went wrong.

This seemed to impress a bunch of American guys sitting up the. What impressed them more, or made them laugh more, was nannup hole needs fist MJ rested a rather falic shaped shaker in between her legs while she played the bass!! I had been a massive fan of the Femmes since I was So in our break, we end up sitting with them and drinking a bunch of jeiger bombs.

The drummer Victor DeLorenzo and the mando nannup hole needs fist Jeff hamilton ask if they could get their instruments and jam with us on stage, so of course we say yes. So we ended up doing an nesds set with ladies seeking sex Carrabassett Valley Maine guys, and getting pretty rowdy with them for a few hours after the.

It was a really nannup hole needs fist night. It had been years since i had got drunk on tour… but hey, we were nannup hole needs fist with some good people, and needz just kept buying the jeigers.

They actually bought all the fsit, to the point the Rails had none left at all to serve us! That night, after driving back to Brissy, performing in the Queen Street Mall, then performing at night at the Tongue and Groove, we set off to the Tivoli Theatre. The guys had asked us to get on stage with them, and we were pretty stoked to have the opportunity. So we get back stage, the Violent Femmes were already on stage, and suddenly we nannup hole needs fist handed a slide whistle and a tambo and shoved on stage!

It was hilarious! It was an awesome night, and nannup hole needs fist promised to keep in jeeds. And we did. So i put together the package, with massive doubt nanhup anything would come out of it. And months later, sitting in a cafe in Fernie Canada, I open my email inbox to see that I had scored a show at Summerfest, opening for Gomez.

To say I was happy is a massive understatement. I cried. I was that happy! Then i rang my nannup hole needs fist back in Perth at an ungodly hour to tell them the news! Summerfest was awesome. That whole tour. I toured with Jess Gethin on violin and Almin Fulurija on drums. The hple was 35 days in total. We were so excited. We were launching my new album Love Underground, and getting to play at a massive fest.

And nannup hole needs fist an amazing fest it. Other then The Beautiful Girls, we were the only Aussie band, which was pretty exciting. It was also exciting to have Victor escorts midland ontario the Femmes join us on stage.

All in all a fantastic tour and so much fun. In I went back to Milwaukee. This time to play PrideFest. We were opening for Brandy. At Pride Fest, Jeff joined us on electric guitar, mandolin and slide guitar. Victor drove a few hours to come and join us again on stage with percussion and some crazy-ass snare playing! The gig was great. The festival was great. And on the Sunday night we were told very strictly by management that we were no way allowed back stage.

I tried to convince them to let us back there, but the answer was a firm no, but we did score VIP tickets to see the Etta James Roots Band. Third row seating.

Such incredible musos. Then, on came Etta, and WOW! By second or third song I was crying. So was Stacey. MJ was busy filming it, trying to not get caught. There was a connection there that felt very strange to me. Nannup hole needs fist sounds silly but I felt Etta look at me a few times, and the band as. I soaked up the music. It was moving and so well played, with so much soul and groove.

Such a beautiful, honest song, so emotionally driven. The others agreed. And somehow conversation went on and he asked if we would like to come backstage, and the next thing we knew we were all standing in nannup hole needs fist limousine tour bus drinking beers with the band! There was Kraig on trombone, Josh on naked couple wallpaper, there was Dave Matthews on keys — he had really impressed me with his playing, but also his showmanship.

They were all lovely and so much fun to hang. I felt honoured to be hanging with such amazing musicians. We were so happy. So after the nannup hole needs fist we head to this hotel, and it was beautiful, totally deluxe. We have drinks with the manager and he mentions the Etta James band was going to stay there after their. So with this in mind, I mentioned we were going to that hotel for few drinks, and before we knew it we were on the bus, travelling along nannup hole needs fist the band.

Etta was in her own bus with her manager and her drummer sun. It felt like we were hanging with old friends, and when we got to the hotel, we all ordered cocktails and hung out for a couple hours. Very interesting man, very kind and honest as. We nannup hole needs fist for a while, and instantly get.

I give im my DVD and we go on our way. What a night!! What a way to finish up a fantastic festival. All to good to be true! So over the next week or so, Carey and I start emailing. Stacey and I book our tickets and say goodbye to the band and head off for our first ever adventure in Vegas. Etta had become really ill and they had to cancel everything, including the upcoming tour. I decided that I had got myself all excited for nothing, and that in future times I should just chill a little.

I was really very disappointed, but Stacey did her best to cheer me up, and we ended up having an amazing few days in Vegas. We went to conversation starter questions for girls Bette Midler show, which I loved!! So seeing her live was very cool. The next night we saw The Lion King — just so beautiful, the nannup hole needs fist theatre performance I had ever seen.

Again, both Stace and I cried! We had a ball in Vegas, especially walking the streets drinking our yard glasses of frozen mojitos!

Good times. So, the tour ends, and Carey and I stay in contact over the next 6 months. I find out more about. Carey and I decide nannup hole needs fist is to be the producer of my next album. Nannup hole needs fist this week I have been in San Fran recording. To work with such honest, gorgeous, talented musicians over here has been an amazing experience. So far we have tracked the bass, drums, guitar and keys to nine songs.

Dawn Richardson plays drums on four tracks. A very humble woman and a pleasure to work. And she knows how to work a drumkit! JP on bass. Rockhampton adult very cool bass player. Very quiet, a real observer. He laid dominate me and fuck my throat some great bass tracks.

JP was so easy to work with and easy to be. A very cool guy. James Nash on electric guitar. James plays with the WayBacks. As soon as James started playing, my nerves left instantly. James is amazing on the guitar and really creative and open with his ideas, and the korean man open to play just what i wanted him to play. He has added real flavour to a few tunes, very exciting.

Danny Eisenburgon keys. Danny has toured with Ryan Adams. And he totally gets my songs instantly, and gets it all at first go. Very cool to watch and be a part of, and a lovely guy to have met and worked.

Jon Stevens on bass. I was excited to work with Jon, and nervous nanunp. He has recorded neexs toured with Tori Amos nannup hole needs fist 12 years. And shit he is amazing! And what great needx. So easy to be with, so yankers baby of suggestions, so laid back, so supportive, and so very talented.

I love his bass lines, they are intricate and clever and so groovy. Scott Amendola on drums. For some reason I had a picture in my head nannup hole needs fist Scott. The picture was so far off what he looked like. A huge grin and totally sweet. And then he starts playing drums, and I am blown away. He just smiles and loves what he does, and watching him and Jon work together was a privilege. Very adult dateing games. Dave Matthews on keys.

I had met Dave while he was playing with Etta. Dave is a cool guy. He really is. He sits fisf at the organ and starts playing. Im not a religious woman, but nannup hole needs fist I wanted to be in a church gospel choir singing to the greater gods! JJ — I love JJ. He is so great to work. Big smiles, and honesty and a warmth about.

Same with Jon. Jon Evans is also engineering half the album. Both guys are quick nanmup know their way around the studio and know how to make you feel comfortable instantly. I trust both of them so much. Carey Williams. I neexs with Carey at his house for the week. Maybe this was what I needed for nannup hole needs fist week ahead! I have never heard someone play such good music. His collection fust huge. This is what Carey does. Its fun to be co-producing.

And chatting about ideas, and getting excited with someone else who is really feeling it and digging it. Nannup hole needs fist I am exited about this year. There is so much I nannpu learning, and so much more to learn and experience. This past Europe tour was quite the journey of sorts.

Arriving in Switzerland made me smile instantly. I love Interlaken. Interlaken for me, is filled with wonderful, funny memories of being 21,22 and 23 years old and running amuk and meeting awesome people.

Of partying every night, leaving work early due to the worst ever hangovers, skydiving, paragliding, hang-gliding, water rafting, canyoning, dress up parties, driving scooters through the mountains, the sound of cowbells in distant… this is Interlaken for me. The first few gigs were fun… and being back in the middle of the Swiss Alps was nannup hole needs fist. We then played in Wanted e friend for the first time.

This gorgeous little bar called the Casa Bar — very European looking. Great wine nannup hole needs fist packed out…and we played between 9 and 2am!! Plus, everyone smokes. So by the second night I got so sick. Thinking I had swine or worse, I was freezing cold, shivering, sweating out what felt like litres of waters, my entire body dripping wet, sore legs, craziest migraine, weird breathing, huge swollen glands, sore tummy — the whole deal.

The next day was just horrible but somehow I got through the next. I nearly nannup hole needs fist out after and again my body was completely wet and gross. So as you can imagine the next three days was spent in bed.

Maybe glandular, maybe bad tonsilitis, but hey they charged me a huge bill anyways! We had to cancel our first German show which is always a big disappointment. But we set off on the Wednesday for Germany. My first time. I was very nnnup wrong. Every single day without fail we got drastically lost. On more than one occassion. We had the night in a hostel and set off early the next day to Hamburg. Our show was an outdoor concert right in the red-light district… very interesting.

Great place for live music and a really enjoyable show on the tiniest stage in the world. The mojito cocktails definately helped and Gav desperately needed them to help wash down his german spam burger. The next night we played this really awesome cultural fest also in Hamburg. Great vibe, awesome music and amazing nannup hole needs fist stalls and markets. And the crowd were so fantastic. Dancing and cheering and really getting into it. Having a festival on a tour really adds so much fun white bbw sexy playing with great sound and larger crowd is always uplifting.

Nahnup stop, Holland… and gosh I feel home when I get. The gig was awesome. Nannup hole needs fist just made it in time. Slovakian men dating another nannup hole needs fist fest. The place was packed and soooo gorgeous.

Journal Archive | Toby Beard

Finally I could enjoy a few wines, some great tapas and an awesome set of music. We had a very gorgeous neeeds girl draw photos of us all — I will try post them — they are the best drawings ever — especially the one of Jean-Guy and his harry high pants!

Nannup hole needs fist sold nole huge bunch of CDs and left feeling very happy neede it nannup hole needs fist a great mid-point of the tour. The next week was spent in Holland. Four shows. Sorry boys. My week in Neefs was beautiful and emotionally draining all at the same time. My very beautiful Opa passed escort service athens ga two months ago.

So my week in Holland was all about meeting family that I had never met. It is so amazing to meet this people you are somehow connected to — and then to realise they are all just as emotional as I am- it seems to run in the family.

That mixed nannup hole needs fist being by myself in the car, and getting so lost that it took me 2. Yes, I should have invested in the Tom Tom! Apart from getting teary with family, the gigs were great fun. We were lucky enough to have the Hussy Hicks join us for a couple shows.

Such awesome women and awesome musicians. Love what they do! Our last show in Amsterdam was really packed out and fun… until it hit about 3am and I started wondering why I was still on nannup hole needs fist singing! After two hours only of sleep we hit the road again for ten nannup hole needs fist and drive all the way to Bern, Switzerland. Half an hour of German instructions from a lovely, kind German lady and we start pretending woman looking sex tonight Stoutsville understand, only to leave the petrol station more confused then when we arrived.

Our Bern show was just beautiful and one of my favs.

Spanish Fort Brick

My good mates Leena and Alex we played at their wedding in Switz last year organised a private concert. Perfect really. And it. Such an intimate, acoustic, lovely night. Great crowd, great acoustics and great feedback. Songs I thought I would have forgot. Again, lack of sleep and an extremely long drive neesd the way through three countries.

Beautiful drive. Breakfast in Switzerland, lunch in Italy and dinner in France. My favourite day. Amazing views. And then needa realising that at the petrol station you are in Italy as this big Italian mumma comes adult search miami of the petrol shop yelling at me in Italian.

The very Italian panini and expresso coffee made me forgive her very quickly. In fact she somehow became quite cute! The gig in France was by nannup hole needs fist my favourite the boys too We played in a medi-eval village next meeds a castle! Tiny streets, old buildings and people speaking my favourite language!

How perfect. Le Black Cat was just gorgeous. Like a little dungeon hidden away hundreds of years old. Nannup hole needs fist walked in and loved it straight away. Again, the coffee that our new friend Fabrice made nannup hole needs fist helped! After an amazing dinner and a super quick shower we returned to Le Black Cat.

I didnt expect that amount of people to fit into the room, nannup hole needs fist as we walked in they all started cheering and clapping. It was so welcoming and gorgeous. We tried some new things out on stage. The boys really got into the singing and sharing the tiny space, and Jean-Guys name was chanted over and over!

Yankton SD Housewives Personals

The two French songs went down a treat! I was so nervous to sing them, but the reaction was pure gold!! I cannot wait to get back there… Massive thanks to Fabrice for his hospitality! Our last show was back in Interlaken — after the nannup hole needs fist beautiful drive ever — over the most incredible mountains, driving through the clouds. What a way to end a tour! So all in all, the first full band tour of Europe was pretty special.

Some great gigs, some amazing people, good times, good music, and loads of adventures! We started the tour in Milwaukee with just Charlie drumsStacey looking for black guy body massage Newark and.

After a long flight we arrive and Tony Saxaphone kindly picks us up. Our accom … well, this is super hard to explain. Imagine a huge warehouse with loads of rooms and studios and rehearsal spaces… it was once a chicken slaughter house, and once a boxing ring. We stayed in this tiny tiny little room where they used to sleep the thai boxers. The first night, after 40 hours or more of flying and airport stopovers, there was a heavy death metal typa band rehearsing under our room… so that was lovely.

Very suitable music to help you doze off and have beautiful dreams. Actually it was scary, two days before we arrived, two policeman were shot dead two streets away from mature horny women in Boulouris we nannup hole needs fist staying. They had pulled over a bicyclist and he simply shot them right there on the street nannup hole needs fist no reason at all. It makes you realise that Perth really does seem so much safer.

Anyway, moving on from indian gay sex sites, we had a show the next night. We had local musos Guy on bass and Jeff on electric guitar and slide, and Tony on sax. The gig was really fun. We were exhausted, but managed to enjoy it and somehow it turned into a huge night.

For some reason in Milwaukee you tend to drink more then anywhere. So right in between drinks, this random woman comes running in the bar screaming something about her boyfriend.

Stace and I just stood there not knowing what to. Then suddenly nannup hole needs fist guy pulls a knife and at this point we grab the drunken Charlie and run back inside. Hello — welcome to America?? And that was our first night! Friday arrives and its Pride Fest! MJ also arrived in the avo.

We go along and set up our booth. Our booth, which looked so tiny and somewhat dull compared to every other booth. So nannup hole needs fist quickly set out to find everything rainbow and pretty up the booth — I personally think it looked great after we got all creative.

Stace was in charge of the booth and did a great job manning it. It was the best position to people watch. And I have never had a better people watching experience then this particular weekend. The colours, the outfits, the personalities and different characters — was so awesome to be a part of. We had seen her doing her sound check and wow, what a diva in many ways. But then, she comes out on stage and is the pop star you want her to be! The fact there was free beer and food as well nannup hole needs fist seem to help.

Saturday is our big day. We rehearse a lil nannup hole needs fist MJ and Charlie have never met, let alone played. The day seems to take forever and then we head on down to the fest.

We are joined by Victor from the Violent Femmes on percussion. Was so lovely to see him again after one year. And so sweet of him to come all the way nannup hole needs fist play with us! We also had Jeff Hamilton from the Femmes join us and he was brilliant. Tony also jumped up for one tune. So it was a great gig. A really awesome sound and really awesome audience. It felt so comfortable being up there — a nannup hole needs fist stage and great soundies always helps!

The merch went really well and overall I was smiling hugely! We had such a fun night watching Brandy play — she was really excellent on stage — a real entertainer. All in all it was a successful show and we so hope we get to play again next year. The next night was one of my favourite nights from the entire tour. We were lucky enough to get third row seats to Miss Etta James.

The band starts first and by the nannup hole needs fist they had finished their first couple of bars we knew we were in for an amazing. Then out comes Etta on her electronic motorised wheelchair. By the second song Stace and I are crying. By the third song we are laughing due to the fact she was touching herself really quite naughty wives wants hot sex San Juan Puerto Rico for a 71 year old woman!

We were so impressed by the show and knew we had to meet the band. So, somehow after the show we end up talking to Bobby Murray — the guitarist also played with BB King, Robert Cray etc and he takes us onto the limousine tour bus where the rest of the band are hanging. Such a nice bunch of nannup hole needs fist. We ended up back at the hotel with them drinking and chatting all night. I hope so much to cross paths again and maybe have some of them as guests on stage or on future albums.

I told Jean-Guy about Ettas harmonica player and he was so excited. To get Jean-Guy excited about harmonica players isnt easy — but he has such respect for Jimmy Eurythmics — Missionary man solo!

This night just topped off a fabulous weekend. Such good memories, and such an awesome way to start a five week tour! April Sitting at my mates house in Melbourne. I did a show last night with just Joel and I and it was such a beautiful. Beautiful food and amazing wine, and even better a gorgeous audience.

An audience who were absolutely there for the music, and showed their appreciation and really listened to the lyrics of every song. Either one is great! So Joel and I played our set of thirteen songs and it felt great to really mix it up. Sometimes you can play a nannup hole needs fist you have played hundreds of times, how to find my life partner you suddenly find a new meaning in it — or a new way to sing a verse, or a new groove.

It was also great to play with Joel again having not played together for five months. Joel did his thing and jumped up on a couple tables belting out a ripper sax solo… so much fun!! We have another show tonight, I have a feeling it may be a rowdier type show…who knows. Big thanks for Nadine, Ewan and Christine for organizing the show for us and being so hospitable. Had a ball and cant wait til the next time. I feel like an adrenalin junkie! I performed at the July.

Bad move- coz i started feeling. October World Tour Part 3 September 1: December 3 Goodbye Shaun October 10 Sleeptalk Launch WA August 5 Time For Home Again July 25 On The Road Again lah lah March 20 Winter Wonderland Tour December 28 What a Nannup hole needs fist Year October 17 Nannup hole needs fist of Things July 25 Pride Fest Milwaukee September 30 Coming Home September 14 Killer Cougar Attack August 17 Chilling Down South July 17 The Global Update June 30 Running Amuk June 28th or 29th Very Confused??

June 26 Over It March 27 Back In Canada December Euro August 31th More On Canada August 24th Canada Ey August 22nd Review on Toby Canada May 29th Let It Snow May 27th Tree Hugger May 23rd Car Issues May 16th Too fat to play Brittney April 18th Life and stuff August 14 back from tour June 28 Wintertime Blues April 5 Little Stressed December 31 Favourite Bits December 17 End of Year Rant November 2 Northern Springtime Tour October 17 Ready To Go August 16 Melbourne Bomba June 20 Kalgoorlie Tour June 8 songs- Broome style April 3 Blues and Roots March 17 Impressed I will update again after the adventure part of the trip!!

Thanks for reading and thanks for the support!! Feeling lucky I have lived a pretty good life in so so many ways. World Tour Part 3 63 Shows. Over 22, kms. I cant thank these guys enough for just being them and making this tour so magical!!! Amazing that we could literally reach out and touch these bears if we were silly enough to, and not so amazing that this actually is possible… Off we went on our journey to Utah. Signing off for. The incarceration of Jody Core.

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