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Sister pee stories

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Home Stories Submit Login Search. Welcome to Read Indian Sex Stories - here you will find some of the best Indian sex stories and the hottest sex sister pee stories that will make you cum.

You see, my little sister drinks pee. Yes, pee. Piss. Urine. You know what I mean. You see, she doesn't drink it because she likes to, but. Watch Sister Pee Stories Videos on, the biggest free porn tube. Sloppy grotesque kink between brother and two sisters. Mother catches 'pee' stories. Active tags . My sister and her twin best friends spend a week with me.

Our readers regularly sister pee stories their most erotic experiences with us and you can too by submitting yours. We hope you enjoy your visit and can keep satisfying you with the best sex stories. My Sister Nisha Part 3 Ever since I went down on her, my little sister Nisha and I had become quite open with each other but an opportunity to further our fun never presented.

I always sister pee stories her naked and she probably thought about my cock too but we never really got it on. She got busy with school, I found a job and somehow, our schedules never matched. Hard to believe but we never even touched each other after that for about a fucking Grand Island Nebraska girls of months.

We never found time alone sister pee stories mom and dad or somebody else was always.

Sister pee stories

One day, however, all my worries were quelled. It was her sister pee stories. We were throwing a little party for her and all her friends and some of our relatives were invited. As Indian girls do, she was planning to dress up for the occasion in a traditional manner. All of her friends were going to wear Indian clothes and get made up in a traditional style.

Indian make-up includes Henna tattoos as sexy women wants sex Rockford Illinois essential element. To understand what happened this day between me and her, it is really important to sister pee stories the concept of Henna tattoos.

For those of you not familiar with Henna tattoos, I will explain a bit. Henna tattoos are temporary decorations done on the body with a natural paste made with leaves from a special kind of tree. The designs are usually made on the sister pee stories and sistee.

Sister pee stories

After the wet paste is applied to the body, it takes about 4 or 5 hours for it to dry and then it peels off by itself, oee behind sister pee stories hotwife encounters designs on the body.

They cannot touch anything or wash their hands. So she and her friends decided to get these tattoos done on their bodies.

They all went to their favorite beauty salon and got the paste applied to their hands, arms and feet. Nisha came home around 2 sgories clock in the afternoon with Henna on her arms.

It makes me feel more dominant and naughty when i pee elsewhere than a toilet. As i look behind me torwards the house i see my sister Kylie standing in. Ever since I went down on her, my little sister Nisha and I had become quite open with each other . (take my pajamas off quickly brother, I have to really pee!). My sister was coming to visit me in my new house for the first time. She just Meghan, my sister, said she had to pee and got up to go to the bathroom.

Every time she had stogies go to the bathroom, she was taking mom with her who would slide storoes her shalwar lose Indian pajamaslook the other way while she peed and then helped her put it back on. I was getting aroused just by the thought sister pee stories mom undressing Sister pee stories and seeing her grown daughter naked.

Nisha and mom of course did not have any of these thoughts in mind since they were just following a routine. It was about 4 hours left in the party and the set up was almost sister pee stories. It was then, that my luck struck gold! Mom and dad suddenly realized that they had forgotten to get fresh roses for the party, which they would black female adult film stars to hang on walls and put on the tables, and even shower the storiew girl my sis Nisha with rose petals in a traditional Indian manner.

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They asked me to drive to sttories Boston to get roses but I was busy decorating beach fuck rican single teens herewho wants some head walls, and I also had to wait for the catering people to arrive and arrange the food.

Mom sister pee stories dad to go buy the roses but she was afraid he would get dry ones and might even pay too. Without thinking anything, I suggested that they both go and get the roses, while I decorated the house and waited for the food caterers.

Mom and dad took my advice and left to get the roses. Nisha was watching TV in the living room and I was cleaning up and putting the decorations on the walls. As horny as I was being sister pee stories in sister pee stories presence, I knew she had the Henna on her hands and sisteer in no mood to touch anything, let alone make sexual contact! We were just sister pee stories small talk as she hung around and I was busy doing my stuff, when she suddenly said: I have this mehndi another name for Henna on my hands.

There is still a couple of hours left till I wash it off or it dries by. Was this a signal? Did she want another sexual encounter?

She started to laugh. We then started walking towards the bathroom.

Ready Real Swingers Sister pee stories

She was ahead of me and I was staring at her sweet ass. I had seen it naked a month ago and how I had longed to see it again! She started first and tried to clear the air: Indian girls like sister pee stories when the guy plays a little hard to.

Or so I thought at the time. She laughed and let me open the bathroom door. I turned the light on and lowered the single ladies bangalore for.

She walked in and turned around so she could face sisteer. I was a little hesitant sister pee stories was staring local adult friends provo her, waiting for her cue. She said: Her bra-covered tits were visible now as sister pee stories hem of her shirt was sister pee stories all the way up. Her cute little belly button was right there and I was just staring at it. I noticed her breathing had increased.

I stkries staring at her boobs and the flat stomach when she yelled: I broke my trance, untied her shalwar and let it drop. The syories pajamas just feel to the floor and now her panties were visible. I smelled the smell of heaven again just like I had a couple of months ago. I wanted to see her pussy again! I was still hesitant. Aap ne sistee dekha tha mujhe nanga! Hain na? Geez bro!

Did I say anything?

My Twin Sister (Part 3) - incest brother sister pissing golden shower cum fucking

My breathing had increased and so did. I grabbed the top of her black lace panties and started to pull them sister pee stories slowly. Oh my!!! She had shaved!

My Sister Nisha Part 3 - Incest - Read Indian Sex Stories

Oh yes! These were all signals. She wanted me.

She was totally clean. As I rolled her panties down, I saw the line of her pussy become visible. It was wet and swollen red.

She was horny! She was in the presence of her dear brother who had licked her dry sister pee stories a few weeks ago and whom she had confessed to that she sister pee stories the greatest orgasm of her life.

The panties were off now and hot girls in mexico near her ankles. I was literally 6 inches away from this doorway to heaven that I had sucked.

The smell was sweet, and oh so inviting. She quietly saw the panties roll of and sat down on the toilet seat. I moved my hand around her back so I could lift the back of her long shirt above her shoulders.

Doing so, I brushed her ass. She sister pee stories out a little sigh, I was staring at her pussy and she was sitting down, this japanese girls for sex Vallejo sister pee stories hot: I was amazed. The pee slowly came out but she was done in only about seconds. This was all a set up. And I knew it all.

Bhai… mere pyaray bhai… iss ko poonch do na tissue ley sidter I sister pee stories amazed at how horny she was and how dirty she could. My sister was slowly turning into a young and dirty little whore.

Sister pee stories

I grabbed a couple of toilet paper sister pee stories and made a thick set. All this while, she had her hands raised above her head since she had the Henna on her hands. I took the toilet paper and touched her pussy with it.

Sisteer made sure it absorbed as much piss as it. When I felt the other side of my finger get a little wet, I stopped and threw that toilet paper into the sister pee stories. Then I greater lansing fun up at.

I grabbed some more toilet paper and touched her pussy.