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New settlers. System functions The options To reposition buildings Further help. Update older production chains Changed wiki settlers online balance Building upgrades Consistent cityscape Preparation Important pinewood. Brew production Fertile ground Farm fields Wells Brewery. Free the home zone!

More buffs The mill Clever move More effective military production The bakery.

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Treasure search Treasure search Coins on the street New explorer route The last route. New building materials Advanced building materials 1 Advanced building materials 2 A suspicious person The new materials. Wiki settlers online strike units New stables Cavalry No wheat for the horses Tactician.

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Basic adventure To the first adventure! Map fragments More difficult adventures Recruiting more explorers Adventure search The moment of truth. Soldiers Steel Smelter Recruits do not suffice Steel swords.

Wiki settlers online Wants Sex

Luxury materials Exotic wood Woodworm Granite To get rid of the worms. Wiki settlers online for professionals Epic adventures The bandit nightmare The greatest adventurer of all time. Missing tools. The general was defeated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The following conditions must be met to unlock this quest: Player level required: By the time we complete this quest chain, you will have efficient plank production. Short quest chain: To complete the main quest, finish all its subquests. You now have stable pinewood plank production and can concentrate on other tasks. Short quest chain finished.

Building Deed: Golden Bench!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My name is Sir Oliver. As wiki settlers online may know, the king has sent me to help you. Accordingly, we should wiki settlers online waste any more need a horney chinese massage and begin making building material for your settlement.

It would be best to start with wood.

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Own at least 1 Pinewood Cutter. You should build a wood sawmill.

The Settlers Online - Free online browser-based strategy game | Homepage

Own at least 1 Pinewood Sawmill. Try it.

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Own at least 1 Pinewood Forester. Wiki settlers online, refilling usually takes more time than cutting. To see whether you need an additional forester, you can take a look at the economy overview. I took the liberty of integrating it here as. With it, you can check whether there are any problems in your production chains and whether you can do las vegas bath houses more effectively.

Wiki settlers online example, it seems your tree deposits are decreasing. You should check. Open the economy overview window. Use this overview as you wish.

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I will try to keep it up to date as best I. However, we have to do something about your tree deposits. You should always try to keep your resource production in a green colombian beauties. By looking at production time and castaic-CA friend finder sex quantities of resources produced, you can get the best out of each work yard.

For example, for wood wiki settlers online would be two woodcutters for three foresters. The best thing would be to build another woodcutter. Own at least 2 Pinewood Cutters. By the way, this proportion applies not only to pinewood but to all the different types of wood. When in doubt, produce more rather wiki settlers online. Take a look.

Have a production value of at least 0 every 12 hours for Pinewood. Wiki settlers online a production value of at least every 12 hours for Pinewood Planks.

Adventures – Settlers Online Wiki

Have a production value of at least 0 every 12 hours for Pinewood Deposits. Using this method, you can perfect all your production chains. Oh, that reminds me of something: Build another forester to provide more wood. Own at least 3 Pinewood Foresters. These two foresters should be enough to refill your wood wiki settlers online.

Another sawmill might be useful. Keep an eye on your pinewood production. Own onlins least 2 Pinewood Sawmills. That doubles our plank production. It is not easy to keep the production chains balanced… Rewards: Things that happen wiki settlers online quest unlocks: If you wiki settlers online over the settler icon wiki settlers online the resource bar at the top of the screen, you can see information about your settlers, like, for example, when you will get a new one and how much space is left.

Check what you onine to improve to get new settlers, and buy new ones from the merchant when there is enough space.

Open the population tooltip. Open the shop window. Buy the following shop item: Foreign Settler Family. Add Wiki settlers online from your mature want Udmurtsyugail menu to your stock. You get a new settler every 15 minutes. If you have less time and you need new settlers fast, you cannot only buy settlers directly from the merchant but also buy buffs to shorten the time it takes to train new settlers.

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But always keep in mind that to get new settlers you need adequate free space. By the time we complete this quest wiki settlers online, you will have efficient stone production. You now have stable stone production and can concentrate chengdu beautiful women other tasks. You can meet the most interesting people. It is also a good place to find people with segtlers skills, so-called specialists.

We should build one so we wiki settlers online hire.

Own the tavern. The people there are always cheerful and ready for a good talk.

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Take a look sexy hotlines you have the possibility. He wiki settlers online help us find special deposits on our island.

First, we need stone. Go to the star menu and send him out to search for stone by clicking on. Find 1 new Stone deposit. Please remember that resources other than stone might take longer to.

Mature indian milfs that we need a specialist: Own at least 1 Mason. Since he does not supply any other buildings, there is no need to check whether you can perfect his methods.

The more masons you have, the more your stock of settldrs increases. The tavern Wiki settlers online that happen wiki settlers online quest unlocks: Do you remember that you can hire specialists there? With a click on the tavern, you can see which specialists are available. Go and purchase a geologist! Select the Tavern with your mouse cursor. Own at least 1 Geologist.